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Fireserve LLC performs both regulated and non-regulated fire safety services for fire departments and municipalities in order to extend the life of equipment, increase safety measures for fire fighters, provide solid records management for analysis and assessment, and improve fire safety rating performance classifications; all of which ultimately and positively impact the community and community development opportunities.


Importance of Fire Ratings

A call to request the Fireserve consulting team directly impacts your preparedness for PIAL/ISO Testing. The personalized assessment and consultation provides a road map for the improvement of the fire department rating PPC score, ultimately leading to lower insurance costs and opportunity for overall community advancement. Follow the consultation with top-notch training, focusing on improving communication response times, water hauling shuttle rates, identifying water supply resources and additional rating factors.

ISO/PIALPPC Consulting & Training

Get scheduled with the experts to improve your Public Protection Classification status through consult and proper training, and reap the benefits of reduced insurance costs as a result of improvements. Operations Manager, Kevin Johnson, also a volunteer fireman and formerly a Fire Rater for PIAL in Louisiana, takes pride in assisting departments on their Fire Ratings.  He is familiar with ISO Mitigation in its entirety and is well qualified to help your fire station start preparing for the next Fire Rating.

Water Hauling

What is your shuttle rate?


Regulatory Guidelines for Improved Classification


Time Can Be Your Enemy

What To Expect

All municipalities and fire districts are required by law to be reviewed and evaluated for fire protection capabilities, then providing a Public Protection Classification and Building Code Effectiveness Grading (BCEG). Fireserve, as a reliable source, begins consultation and training in advance of the scheduled rating to assist and improve on your PPC, many times moving an entity from a Class 5 to a Class 3 or better.


“We use Fireserve because it frees up our firefighters from time consuming testing of hose and trucks. When a third party does the testing and reporting it is more reliable to have a different set of eyes look at our equipment. We have been a customer for almost a decade and are very pleased with the results from their service. Fireserve is very dependable! They will do what they say they are going to do AND it will be on time. When we first started using them we were a Protection Class 5 and now we are a Class 3. That is greatly due to their help! I highly recommend Fireserve to help you with testing and PIAL.”

- JEFF AKES, Fire Chief , Caddo Fire District #1

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The Effie VFD hired Kevin Johnson of Fireserve to provide advice for our most recent grading by PIAL. 2020 was our data year. Kevin advised us in 2019 and 2020 and was present when the PIAL representative visited our department in 2021. I feel most certain the department would have received a retrograde had we not hired Kevin. This grading was the eighth one I have participated in as Effie fire chief, so I am most certainly familiar with the process. The decision to hire Kevin was the best money our department could have spent. He advised us in advance so we could be certain to do the things and properly document those to maximize our points for PIAL. He responded promptly to any and all questions or concerns any time I reached out to him. Although we are a small rural, all-volunteer department with three stations and an annual operating budget of about $57,000, we will hire Fireserve again for our next rating. Kevin is a valuable resource to the fire service; he helped us spend our money and time wisely.

- Kendall Ryland, Effie Fire Chief , Avoyelles Parish